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What is Bidscape?

Bidscape is a display ad management and yield optimization tool for website publishers.

The goal is to make ad management simple and reliable, with no code and no maintenance, while providing you with proven algorithms that optimize your yield.

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With Bidscape You Get:

Simple Setup

Get ads running in minutes with a single «script» include on your site.


Integrations with the most popular platforms. (We'll build you a custom one with an annual subscription.)

Fast and Reliable

A single static JavaScript file included in a «script» tag with no database involved. You can even host it yourself.

Save Time

Focus on your product instead of your display ad implementation. Want to run an ad overlay and automatically close it after 5s? Select it from our list of popular ad types.

Start Right

Know you got your display ad code setup on your site correctly right from the start.

No Code

No programming required. No learning APIs. No prebid file generation. No version upgrade worries. Save time and money on programming costs.

Maximize Revenue

Our strategies have yielded over 50% revenue increases over hand rolled implementation.

Fixed Fee License

No additional CPM or % based fees. Simple & predictable monthly fee with no additional invoicing.

Automated Setup

Use our automated Prebid order and line item creation tool including for currencies other than USD.

Insights with BidMetrics

Collect metrics on header bidding auctions, ad renders and registered impressions to understand header bidding ad performance.

Focused Reporting

Integrations with various platforms to surface information around impression discrepancies and ad performance.


Strategies you never thought or heard of! We build them, you use them. We love coming up with ways to make you more money.

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$599 / mo

  • 5 Ad Placements
  • 10 Reports
  • Unlimited Impressions
  • Daily Reporting
  • Automated Prebid order creation
  • Upgrade or cancel any time
  • Risk free - refund if not satisfied within first 30 days.


$899 / mo

  • Unlimited Ad Placements
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Impressions
  • Hourly Reporting when available
  • Automated Prebid order creation
  • Risk free - refund if not satisfied within first 30 days.

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  • Try before you buy
  • 1 Ad Placement
  • 1 Report
  • Unlimited impressions
  • Daily Reporting
  • Try out Bidscape features on a single ad placement

Save time and money on implementation and optimization.

Let Bidscape do it for you.

Check out our free header bidding inspection tool in the Chrome Web Store